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*盖提亚,昵称给给 罗曼

藤丸:Hey You’re okay over there?
罗曼:Almost there, give us one minute.

给:Finally I have to ask something.

罗曼:Just ask.Go ahead.

给: And then I’ll leave…for good.

罗曼:Aww, don’t say that. You know you can stay with us if you want.

给: Things won’t always go in your way….I’m sorry, I mean, I just can’t !

罗曼: No worry, don’t force yourself, I’ll understand. Now what’s the question?

给: I’m just confused….Why you choesd human and even be one of them?

罗曼:Its hard to say. May be I like human, and that’s why.

给:That don’t make sense. You know what I mean….. you used to have power, to do what ever you want. Living long last for centuries and never die, changing the earth into a paradise, building a world beyond sins and pains. You used to have power, you used to have choices! While you did nothing!

罗曼: You know what, I’m glad to hear you were wishing that. Meaning you are a good boy, not mean to offend, but I’m proud of you.ButーーI never thought it’s gonna be fine that everything depends on me, Goetia, an individual can’t make everything always on their way. Even it’s me.

给: But you have wisdom, you asked for it.

罗曼: I begged for wisdom because I could see how weak people can be. Everybody needs help and care till the end of being separated. No plan works all the time, no man makes best choice all the way. Keeping thinking and figuring it out is what we can only do, to make it happen we need wisdom. I only passed the wisdom down, time proved me right. Human evolve their brains to survive against those threatens hanging around outside.

给: From very just now you were insisting on the limitations. I understand every word of yours while you don’t really get mine. Just think about it! Imagine an universe more ahead of this current one, a creature superior than the awful specie, we can make an entire new civilisation, get rid of all the weakness the current people have!

罗曼:Then there will be no people.

给:We don’t need these people!

罗曼: You are judging.

给: Yes I am.

罗曼: You are judging the people who beat you. Don’t forget I’m one of them.


罗曼: After all you failed to carry through your plan.

给: Right, that’s the point. But to be honest to say I’m tired of having sympathy with you guys! That bother me for thousands of years. I would do that again if I can——

罗曼: You still won’t get what you want. Now back to the beginning question. This is the reason. I know it’s hard for you to accept——as long as gathering together, no else sort of existence will be more powerful than human beings on this planet. 

给: Is that what you’ve seen through your clairvoyance?

罗曼: I learned it from my friends. Now you see the difference.