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A Fable of Spectatorship

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One day, two people collided in the street.

“Hey, watch out!” said by the injured one, let us call him A, who is now lying on ground, also complaining.

“It was you that came across the street without looking around.” Said by the one fell off his bike, let us call him B, who was scared by the popping-up of A.

Suddenly, a group of spectators carved them, they start discussion about traffic laws and who should be responsible for this accident.

“I support A, for he was walking on his feet, human body is naturally weaker than iron-made bike.” A voice showed up, and won a lot of approval.

“How dare you are! Obviously A break the traffic law. Is that potential criminal that are empathizing with him?” A voice of opposition appeared.

“You say that because you have a bike, you privileged! You guys rule the law and make it beneficial for your own interest! Since the law is no long fair anymore, why would us should keep it?”

The fight kept continuous. After a while, the group of spectators was surrounded by another new group of spectators.

“They devoted themselves in such a meaningless discussion is because everyone nowadays feels anxious about their self-identifications.” Analyzed by someone.

“Careful about your words, the thing that people seeing big meaning from such small thing in their daily life is a good sign. No matter some of those voices sounds still need developing, but the attitude worth recognition.”

A while after, a third group of spectators carved the second ones.

“Oh, here they go. Analyzing people’s actions because they read more books, speaking like someone overlook the other. These bastards can never realize that they are nothing not until they see how defeated they are when they can not find a decent job.”

“To be honest, I am totally tired with all of these, even spectating itself. Why we are still staring? Every time it goes similar. Starting from a small thing, endless blows, people can feel existence once they get into discussion and speak out about their own thoughts and experiences. Nobody actually care how A and B are going to deal with each other. Spectators only care about themselves.”

“Then what are you doing here?”